Product Development & Quality Control

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Product Development & Quality Control

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   To guarantee the company's quality control program from the raw materials to  the finished products has the same level with the international quality standard,our laboratories are equipped with the latest techonlogy facilities,including GC/mass spectormetry,IR and a veriety of other chemical analytical devices.Ousr processing laboratories are equipped with Testing Roller,Accelarated Weathering Tester and Torque Rheomter.

   We committed to providing costomized formulations of multiple additives and continues to research and develop the latest technology polymer additives to improve processing in the dynamic vinyl industry.

   We also committed to use the latest technology, scientific quality control program and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant the company will continue provide expanded range or products and the best service to our customers.We continue provide the technical innovation by delivering better,safter,winder product portfolios.We continuously achievecustomers' satisfaction by supporting high quality products and excellent services.

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